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Oh, hey! - e:\elle_rouge\blog
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Oh, hey!
OMG, Hi Livejournal!

It's been a thousand years since I've seen you last! How's life? Good, little pissy at dreamwidth? Yea, I get ya. I'm sorry that I've neglected you in favor of facebook, to boot, but it seems to be really hard for me to keep up with social networking despite being online all the time. Really, no, I'm sorry. Me? What's up with me? Oh, man, where to start... Um. I'm super busy working, catching up on school, dealing with family, planning awesomeoness... Yeah. I'm boring and not really wordy, amazingly enough, go figure? Anyway, I'll try to see you soon, okay? Again, sorry for the long delays - I can't promise I'll be better but I'll try.

Love you lots!

Current Mood: happy happy

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